Updating firmware for dvd drive

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Every DVD recorder doubles as CD burner, and many also feature advanced features such as disc labeling and buffer underrun prevention.

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) and I'd gotten used to devices that got auto-flashed a driver, like some wireless cards.You can update the firmware to repair a drive or fix a compatibility issue.Identify the manufacturer and model number of the DVD writer.I recommend to download a firmware that can enable you to change the booktype, bitsetting of your dvd media.Firmware updates are pretty hard to find, and when you find them they might not be the official firmwares, so here is a list of sites to download the most popular firmware updates for the most popular brands: PIONEER - DVR-109, DVR-A09, DVR-A09XL, DVR-A08XL, DVR-108, DVR-A07XL, DVR-A07/107, DVR-A06/106, DVR-A05/105 (Win/MAC), DVR-A04/104 (Win/MAC), DVR-A03/103 (Win/MAC), DVR-S706, DVR-S606 DVR-S201, DVR-S101, DVR-R100, DVR-610, DVR-110, DVR-509, DVR-S806 LITE ON - Lite On, Lite ON, SHW-16H5S, SHW-1635S, SOHW-1693S, SOHW-1673S, SOHW-1653S, SOHW-1633S, SOHW-1213S, SOHW-832S, SOHW-812S, LDW-851S, LDW-811S, LDW-451S, LDW-411S, LDW-401S, SOHW-1633SX, SOHW-1213SX, SOHW-832SX, SOHW-812SX, LDW-851SX, LDW-411SX, SDW-431SX SONY - DRU-500A, DRU-500AX, DRX-500UL, DRX-500ULX, DRU-120A, DRX-120L, DRU-510A, DRX-510UL, DRU-530A, DRX-530UL, DRU-540A, DRU-700A, DRX-700UL, DRU-710A, DRX-710UL, DRX-710UL/T, DRX-DRU-720A, DRX-720-UL, DRX-720UL/T, DRU-800A, DRX-800-UL, VRD-VC20 Iomega - CD-RW/DVD ROM, Quik Touch DVD USB, Iomega DVD USB, Iomega DVD ATAPI, Predator USB, Predator w/ USB or Fire Wire Adapter, Iomega CD-RW USB, Iomega CD-RW Fire Wire, Iomega CD-RW ATAPI, Zip CD 650 USB, Zip CD 650 ATAPI, Zip CD 650 DVD ATAPI BTC - BCO5232IM, BCO 4816IM, BCO 4016IM, BCO 1610IM, BCO2408SU, BCO5232UI, Dual S801I, Dual S801E, BTC-Z22, BTC-Z40, DRW1016IM, DRW1016IB, DRW1108IM, DRW1108IB, DRW1004IM, DRW1004UI, DRW1016UI, DRW1016UB, DRW1108UI, DRW1108UB, DRW1008UI, DRW1008UB Samsung - TS-H552U, TS-H492A, TS-H492C, TS-H192C, TS-H352A, TS-H552B, TS-H542A, TS-H552B, TS-H542A, SN-M242C, SN-M242C, TS-H492C, SH-M522C, SH-M522C, SN-W082B, SN-W082B, SH-W163A, SH-W162L, SE-W164C, SH-W612C, SH-C522C, SH-D162C, SH-M522C, TS-H492C Philips - DVDR1000, DVDR100099, DVDR150, DVDR1500, DVDR150099, DVDR3320V/37, DVDR3355/37, DVDR520H/37, DVDR600VR/37, DVDR615/17, DVDR615/37, DVDR72/17, DVDR72/99, DVDR75/17, DVDR75/99, DVDR77/17, DVDR80/17, DVDR80/99, DVDR890A, DVDR985A, DVDR985A99, HDRW720/17, MDV630R/17, MDV630R/17X, MDV630R/99, MDV630R/R17, MDV630R1/17, MDV650R/17, MDV650R/98, MDV650R/99, MRV640/17, OMNI12 & more!

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