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Simply click on the links below to download the featured reports. The topics for 2013 are: In a 2012 BLR® customer survey, we asked HR professionals who currently use an HRIS in their workplaces which tasks they perform via the HRIS.

Data reporting was the top result, with 78 percent of surveyed HRIS users noting that they use their system to generate reports of strategic and demographic employee data.

Affirmative action laws require an employer to make proactive efforts to represent individuals from certain protected classes in the workplace at levels comparable to those for unprotected groups.

Affirmative action requirements are separate and distinct from nondiscrimination laws, which prohibit discriminatory acts against protected persons, but do not mandate proactive steps in their favor.

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This general ban is followed by a set of exceptions (discussed in the following paragraphs).

discussed misunderstandings that can arise in the workplace based on use of “chat” apps and their associated emoji.

A woman interviewed for the article said that she had messaged her co-workers that she would be late for a meeting, and her boss replied with emoji of a “poop” She then messaged her co-worker to find out whether the boss was mad at her, and the co-worker replied, “Don’t worry,” followed by three banana emoji.

Unsurprisingly, payroll management was also a top response, with 68 percent of surveyed HRIS users reporting that their system is used to process payroll in their businesses.

Other popular functions of leading HRISs include: What some employers do not know is that the U. labor market is only at the beginning of what some human resources (HR) experts are calling the “workforce meltdown”—the clash between a diminishing supply of qualified workers and the explosive increase in need for those workers.

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