Problems updating windows 8 to 8 1

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I have received a few emails from various Ask VG readers who are facing issues while installing Windows 8.1 and those issues are same as issues faced in Windows 8 installation.So in this topic, we are going to list all possible issues which you can face while installing or upgrading to Windows 8.1: Windows 8 users can upgrade to Windows 8.1 by downloading and installing Windows 8.1 absolutely free through Windows Store.Failure to update to the latest version of the Music by Sony app may result in partial loss of playlist. Many Windows 8.1 users have reported about mouse pointer related issues while playing certain games such as Call of Duty, Counter Strike, Hitman, Half Life and Tomb Raider.The updates introduced by Windows 8.1, however, are much more pervasive and consequently seem to be causing more trouble than Service Packs in previous Windows versions.Windows 8.1 can cause several issues during the process of upgrading and even more afterwards.

Both of these problems occur due to some newly introduced features in Windows 8.1 such as changes in mouse input processing and bitmap scaling for certain desktop applications.

This program is language independent and can be used with any language system.

It is highly recommended to always use the most recent driver version available.

If you are facing this problem, check out following tutorial to fix it: Sometimes when you try to download Windows 8.1 through Windows 8 Store, you receive error message that something happened and your Windows 8.1 install can't be completed.

If you also face this problem, following tutorial will help you: If you are using the free Windows 8.1 Preview version, you'll notice that you can't upgrade it to Windows 8.1 RTM version because Microsoft doesn't allow it.

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