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Maria Pitillo was born in Elmira, NY, and grew up in Mahwah, NJ. Known primarily for her role as Audrey Timmonds in the monster flick Godzilla (1998), Maria got into show business after being invited by a girlfriend to audition for a part in a TV commercial. She was the oldest of four children (she had a sister and two brothers). After working as a mule skinner, wrangler and gold prospector, among other things, he wound up in Hollywood and began picking up jobs as an extra in comedies, where he met comedian Harold Lloyd in 1913 in San Diego. Terri Hall was brought up in Elmira, New York and lived there until she was 16 years old.

The Hill Top Inn Mike’s family’s summer home is steeped in tradition dating back to 1933.Ryan has completed his Bachelors in Christian Ministry through Crown College and has begun the ordination process.His faith has grown over the years and his desire for God has increased into a passion for the lost.He has also appeared in numerous local, regional and national commercials.Chip graduated from Elmira College in Elmira, New York, where he studied with noted director Peg Denithorne and was a classmate of Keith Mac Kechnie...

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