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I've heard a rumor that the defenders of Battlehorn Castle are besieged by marauders and are appealing for aid.Apparently their commander has been killed, and they're offering the castle itself to anyone who will help lift the siege.Please post answer under soon thanks --Troy Honestly, if you're going to be vague, you aren't helping anyone out.Shivering Isles is not a plug-in, it's an expansion.Features leveled respawning arrows: normal, fire, frost, and shock enchanted.

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Even just an area that generates marauders until some bad guy is dispatched would give some extra play value. , 4 January 2009 (EST)Chris Yea, sorry, i found it just after i put the question forward. , 4 January 2009 (EST)Chris I'm just curious, sense the Game Of The Year Edition of Oblivion IV The Elder Scrolls has a LOT of free plugins (Example: Knights of the Knine, and Shivering Isles) I'm wondering if you get ths one free in the Game Of The Year Edition.Existing steel and mithril equipment can be easily removed with the flick of a switch if you need additional weapon/armor storage.Ballroom - Large, stately ballroom decorated with heraldry from across Cyrodil.For best results, please purchase all upgrades before exploring the castle, as many areas are inaccessible until purchased.New Areas: Arcane Sanctum - Home to Battlehorn Castle's new mage; available to recharge magic items.

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